Supernatural Horror

Ghosts. Monsters. Forces of Evil. Find out more about the creepy creatures lurking in this expansive subgenre.
What Makes Carrie So Scary
By Entertain The Elk
The Exorcist – Perchance to Dream
By Carlos Rivera Fernandez
Suspiria: Phantasmagoric Artificiality | Cinema Cartography
By Cinema Cartography
The Hidden Genius of FINAL DESTINATION
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Suspiria - Horror Fairy Tale | Renegade Cut
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The Art of IT: Childhood Morality
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Evil Dead: Loving the Unnatural
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The Technicolor Nightmares of Suspiria
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It Follows: The Modern Horrors of Teen Sex
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Pennywise: How to Make a Horror Villain | Video Essay
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Carrie: How to Create Tension
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Carrie: The Teenage Nightmare
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It Follows - A Modern Day Fairy-Tale
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It Follows: The American Nightmare
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It Follows | The Known Unknown
By Alpha-Alpaca-Pack
Remaking Suspiria: An Homage to a Feeling
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Stephen King's IT: Why Clowns Are Scary
By The Take by ScreenPrism
By Ryan Hollinger
The Exorcist - The Horror Of Production
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Analyzing Hollywood's Most Underrated Film Score
By A Matter of Film
Why Cosmic Horror is Hard To Make
By Screened
HEREDITARY breakdown of the opening shot
By Collative Learning
HEREDITARY: Setup & Payoff
By Hazy Daze Media
184. How Carl Dreyer Created a Cinematic Uncanny
By Kevin B. Lee
The Tragic Horror of DRAG ME TO HELL
By Ryan Hollinger
1924: What do Possessed Hand Movies Tell Us About Fear?
By One Hundred Years of Cinema
30 DAYS OF NIGHT Has The Best Vampires
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4 Ways to Beat the Monster from "It Follows" (2014)
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A Short History of Japanese Horror
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Christine: King's Killer Car Movie
By Hollywood Suite
Evil Dead II - The Power of Slapstick Horror
By Matt Draper
Exploring "It Follows"
By Deadly Analysis
Exploring the Cosmic Horror of The Beyond
By In Praise of Shadows
HEREDITARY (2018) Explained
By FilmComicsExplained
Hereditary and the Pathology of Miniature Realities
By Collative Learning
Hereditary Film References
By herrozzy
Hereditary - I Really Don't Know You At All
By Cinema Scares
Hereditary: Where Does Evil Come From?
By Real Dimensional Pictures
Hidden depths of POLTERGEIST (film analysis)
By Collative Learning
How Suspiria Drew Inspiration from Italian Slashers
By GammaRay
Is Krampus A Christmas Horror Classic?
By Ryan Hollinger
It (2017) — How to Make a Modern Horror Movie
By A Matter of Film
IT: An exploration of trauma
By CrackerJacked
It Follows: Conceptual Interpretation & Analysis
By Film Formula
IT FOLLOWS - Face to Face With Death
By Matt Draper
It Follows: Let's Talk About Sex
By Pop Culture Connections
It Follows - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Let’s Talk About The EVIL DEAD Trilogy
By Ryan Hollinger
Pennywise Is So Evil Because He's Actually Innocent | Stephen King's IT
By Shane Bertram
Pet Sematary: The Antithesis of Stephen King
By Something Ghoulish
POV Shots of Evil Dead || Video Essay
By Aletranco
Psychological Trickery in Hereditary
By Collative Learning
Stephen King's IT - What's the Difference?
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Suspiria - Ignorance Is Death
By Cinema Scares
The Best Scene in Hereditary
By Screened
The cinematography of Suspiria || Luciano Tovoli || Case Study
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The Forgotten Brilliance of THE LAST EXORCISM
By Ryan Hollinger
The Remaker: The Evil Dead (1981) vs. Evil Dead (2013)
By Alternating Line
The Tragic Horror of THE WOMAN IN BLACK
By Ryan Hollinger
Triple Dead
By Gil Vanroy
Vampire Reviews: Lost Boys
By Maven of the Eventide
Video Essay | Lighting, Colour and Character in El Orfanato The Orphanage 2007
By Rosie Howe
Why GHOST STORIES Was The Best Horror of 2018
By Ryan Hollinger
WTF IS THAT? The Pre- and Post-Cinematic Tendencies of Paranormal Activity
By Allison de Fren
It Follows - The Power of Tension (Film Essay)
By Mavrik Studios
Stephen King’s IT: A Video Essay on Pennywise’s Introduction
By Nelson Carvajal
The Remaker: Carrie 1976 vs. Carrie 2013
By Alternating Line