Social Horror

Horror movies have the power to not only to terrify audiences but also to turn a mirror on society. Check out these videos to learn more about how horror can show us the darker, monstrous sides of ourselves.
Get Out — A New Perspective in Horror
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Rosemary's Baby Explained: Realism & Control
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Godzilla – The Soul of Japan
By kaptainkristian
It Comes At Night | The Empathy of Horror
By Allerix Films
America Is the Monster - The Host | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Tenant Analysis: Xenophobia in a Microcosm
By Film Formula
Get Out - Ambiguous Social Difference
By Ryan Hollinger
Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Get Out | White Fragility as a Movie Trope
By Like Stories of Old
Rosemary's Baby Analysis - The True Terror
By Jack's Movie Reviews
The Cinematography of GET OUT | Flick Head
By Connor White
They Live - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter’s THEY LIVE
By Daniel Clarkson Fisher
Get Out - The Simplicity of Storytelling (Scene Analysis)
By This Guy Edits
The Genius of Get Out
By Karsten Runquist
A breakdown of GET OUT’s first and last scenes | TIFF 2019
By TIFF Originals
Staff Pick
Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters
By Something Ghoulish
7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About They Live
By CineFix
A Short History of Italian Horror
By One Hundred Years of Cinema
Creating Believable Characters | Get Out Video Essay
By Good Filmmaking
Exploring THAT Fight in They Live
By Rossatron
Exploring They Live
By GoodBadFlicks
GET OUT and political art: the power of protest
By Aporia
GET OUT: Blackface and Representation
GET OUT: Every Creepy Little Detail Hidden In The Movie
By Heavy Spoilers
Get Out | Sink Into the Floor - Script to Screen
By Screenplayed
Godzilla: Symbol of War
By Esto es el CINE
In Focus: Microaggressions & Get Out
By The Long Take
John Carpenter on the set of of They Live (1988)
By Eyes on Cinema
Roman Polanski on "Rosemary's Baby" - Conversations Inside The Criterion Collection
'Rosemary's Baby' | Critics' Picks | The New York Times
By The New York Times
Rosemary's Baby | Shades of Evil
By CineFrames
SoundWorks Collection - The Sound of Godzilla
By Michael Coleman
The Philosophy of GET OUT – Wisecrack Edition
By Wisecrack
THEY LIVE (1988) Retrospective / Review
By Oliver Harper
THEY LIVE - Glasses or blindfolds? Film analysis
By Collative Learning
THEY LIVE who is more enslaved?
By Collative Learning
What We Can Learn From Korean Horror
By Screened
White Privilege and Fragility - Get Out | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut