Slasher Horror

From Halloween to Scream, these videos dig into the most popular and prevalent subgenre in horror.
“Siding With The Victim, Part 3: We Are All Meat ”
By Press Play Video Blog
By Ryan Hollinger
The Horror & Meaning of THE HILLS HAVE EYES
By Ryan Hollinger
Child's Play: Elevating The Concept | Stories As Lessons
By Nolan Dean
The Mild Failure of FREDDY VS JASON
By Ryan Hollinger
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - The Art of Implication and Exploiting Empathy
By Fool Fantastic
The House of the Devil - The Terror of Antici...pation
By Cinema Scares
By Joe Scaglione
American Psycho - What it all Meant
By What it all Meant
American Psycho Ending Explained: What Really Happened?
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Diagnosing Patrick Bateman - American Psycho Explained / Analysis
By TylersSoap
Collective Identity in American Psycho
By The Lone Chemist
How Maniac Uses Point of View
By Brickwall Pictures
Slasher Films on Valentine’s Day
By Monica Delgado
Evolution of the Holiday Horror Film
By Something Ghoulish
Halloween (2018) — The Twist Without A Payoff
By Filmento
The Protests of Silent Night Deadly Night
By Something Ghoulish
Is Halloween the First Slasher?
By GammaRay
How Suspiria Drew Inspiration from Italian Slashers
By GammaRay
Exploring the Greatest Christmas Horror Movie
By Ryan Hollinger
How 'Halloween' Became a Horror Classic
By Fandor
Halloween: You Know It's John Carpenter IF...
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Halloween — The Evil of Michael Myers
By A Matter of Film
Candyman: Breaking all the Rules of Horror
By coldcrashpictures
The Gay Nightmare | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Is Halloween 3 Really THAT Bad?
By Ryan Hollinger
HALLOWEEN | Making a Perfect Sequel
By Rossatron
Halloween - The Fundamental Slasher
By The Discarded Image
HALLOWEEN - Creating the Modern Bogeyman
By Matt Draper
Individuality in American Psycho – Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
American Psycho: A Message on Consumerism
By Allerix Films
Remaking the HALLOWEEN theme
By Aporia
The Art of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Making Daylight Scary
By Ryan Hollinger
The Art of THE STRANGERS: The Home Invasion Realized
By Ryan Hollinger
The Art of SCREAM: Horror Logic Done Right
By Ryan Hollinger
SCREAM: How Wes Craven Manipulated Audiences
By Mr Nerdista
A Nightmare on Elm Street - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Friday the 13th – Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Art of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET: What Freddy Represents
By Ryan Hollinger
Halloween Tropes Explained: Final Girl & Death by Sex
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Book vs Film - American Psycho
By CynicalRevs
The Art of HALLOWEEN: Making Michael Myers Scary
By Ryan Hollinger
American Psycho - Patrick Bateman Character Study
By Jack's Movie Reviews
American Psycho (2000): Individuality through Conformity [Thematic Analysis]
By CinemaTyler
Scream Video Essay - The Effectiveness of Intertextuality
By Lucero Cortez