Psychological Thriller

With suspense that stems more from the mind of characters than from a psychical threat, learn how movies in this sub-genre add layers of drama and mystery to the standard thriller.
Martin Scorsese on his cameo for TAXI DRIVER (1976)
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Ingmar Bergman on Taxi Driver
By Eyes on Cinema
Taxi Driver - You Think You Know Movies?
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David Fincher: Fight Club, The Game & Panic Room (The Directors Series - FULL DOCUMENTARY)
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What Bandersnatch's Brilliance Says About Interactive Content
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Hitchcock's genius trailer for PSYCHO - film analysis
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The Sixth Sense’s Twist You Still Missed
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Stanley Kubrick: His Early Independent Films (The Directors Series) - Indie Film Hustle
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#83. The Sounds of Donnie Darko // Les sons de Donnie Darko
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An interview with Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman on Stanley Kubrick and EYES WIDE SHUT (1999)
By Eyes on Cinema
By TIFF Originals
Martin Scorsese's Madonna/Whore Complex
By Film By Firing Squad
Eyes Wide Shut: Ending, Themes and Symbols Explained
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Psycho and The Duality of Man
By Little Sparrow
Psycho Shower Scene - Art of The Scene
By CineFix
Psycho - What’s The Difference?
By CineFix
By criterioncollection
This Museum has THE Mohawk From Taxi Driver | CinemaTyler Show
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Room: Love Knows No Boundaries
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Taxi Driver - Breaking Down Bickle
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Taxi Driver - What it all Meant
By What it all Meant
Inception Hallway Dream Fight - Art of the Scene
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The Brilliant Deception of Inception – Wisecrack Edition
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Inception | Mal's Death HD - Screenplayed
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Why Our Eyes Are SHUT (Eyes Wide Shut) – Wisecrack Edition
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How ‘Searching’ Creates Tension | Anatomy of a Scene
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The real Crazy Rich Asians
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All Your Eyes Wide Shut Theories Are Wrong | Renegade Cut
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Taxi Driver The Loneliest Man in the World
By Andrew Kyle Bacon
Nocturnal animals: Bad editing
By Flick Fanatics
The Art of Framing: Hitchcock's Vertigo
By Danny Bellini
Psycho Shot by Shot
By Andrew Kyle Bacon
Psycho vs Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock’s original vs Gus Van Sant’s remake
By Little White Lies
Donnie Darko: Is It Deep or Dumb?
By Wisecrack
Into The Mind of Donnie Darko
By Brieann Meagan Zepeda
Donnie Darko - Subjectivity Through Music
By Logan
Donnie Darko: Foreshadowing Fate
By Rob DeBoucher Films
Donnie Darko - What it all Meant
By What it all Meant
Donnie Darko Explained: The Ending & What It Meant
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Rear Window: Using the Language of Cinema
By Esto es el CINE
Staff Pick
The Metaphysics of Inception – Engaging Ontological Uncertainty
By Like Stories of Old
Male Gaze Theory in “Woman in the Dunes” (1964)
Editing Don’t Look Now
By criterioncollection
The Face of Another - Videography and Identity | Cinema Cartography
By Cinema Cartography
How Denis Villeneuve Creates a Constant Sense of Dread in Enemy
By Brickwall Pictures
Do it for Van Gogh: detecting and perverting the audience position in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet
By Liz Greene
Anaphora: David Cronenbeg’s “Cosmopolis”
Rhythm in Film Editing
By John Tindell
Denarration in Michael Haneke’s funny FUNNY games GAMES
By Miklos Kiss
Searching — Reformatting a Thriller
By Lessons from the Screenplay
The Reality Behind Best F(r)iends (ft. Greg Sestero)
By Thomas Flight
Editing the Meta Story (Black Mirror Bandersnatch - Netflix Fight Scene Analysis)
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The Filmmaker’s Voice: Vertigo
By Alejandro Villarreal
Inception and the Morality of Choice
By A-A-RONproductions
What Makes Inception’s Ending Great
By Broomfilms
How Christopher Nolan Manipulates an Audience
By A Matter of Film
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Ending(s) Explained - Choose Your Own Misery
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Bird Box - The Politics of Censorship - with Thomas Wijnaendts van Resandt
By Jonathan Pageau
The Brilliant Storytelling of SEARCHING
By HoustonProductions1
Robin Williams In One Hour Photo
By Georg Rockall-Schmidt
Eyes Wide Shut - What it all Meant
By What it all Meant
INCEPTION | How to make an audience Think
The Many Genres Within Rear Window
By Fandor
Why Black Swan and The Wrestler are the perfect double feature
By Hint of Film
Hands & Feet | Whiplash & Black Swan
By Fernando Andrés
Black Swan - Film Analysis
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Requiem for a Dream — On the Nature of Addiction
By A Matter of Film
Establishing Split: On REQUIEM FOR A DREAM
By Catherine Grant
Requiem For A Dream - The Structure of Self-Destruction
By Channel Criswell
Funny Games - Neither Seen Nor Heard
By Film Radar
Enemy Analysis: Web of Behavioral Patterns
By Film Formula
Enemy EXPLAINED - Movie Review (SPOILERS)
By Chris Stuckmann
Enemy - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Plot Thickens EYES WIDE SHUT's Mysterious Newspaper Articles
By Collative Learning
1940: Rebecca - Hitchcock's obsessions... Love, Violence and the Psycho-sexual
By One Hundred Years of Cinema
Analysis: Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver
By FilmInTheMaking
Essay Film Psycho Movies Comparison: by Alfred Hitchcock (1960) and by Gus Van Sant (1998)
By Dansky
Psycho - How Alfred Hitchcock Manipulates An Audience
By The Discarded Image
Understanding Psycho: The Uncanny
By Is This Just Fantasy?
Psycho : hacking Alfred Hitchcock
By Hack No Gem
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) 5 Shot Deconstruction/Analysis
By Rick Naumovski
Psycho - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Psycho - How Music Tells The Story
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Inland Empire - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
By LondonCityGirl – Knowledge
Framing the Picture: David Lynch’s Hollywood, Pt. 1 - Mulholland Drive
By FramingthePicture
Staff Pick
Mulholland Drive: How Lynch Manipulates You
By Nerdwriter1
Mulholland Drive - Subconscious & Identity
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Mulholland Drive: A Psychoanalytic Analysis
By Film Formula
The Winkie's Diner Scene in Mulholland Dr.
By Anna Catley
Mulholland Drive Analysis
By Malmrose Projects
Why Mulholland Drive Is The Essential David Lynch Film
By Fandor
‘Requiem’ for an Editor
By Fandor
Lost Highway: How Video Manipulates Us
By What's So Great About That?
Lost Highway Analysis
By Malmrose Projects
Lost Highway Analysis: Memories Encased in Fantasy
By Film Formula
Lost Highway - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM: Mastery of Editing
By Mr Nerdista
'Fire Walk With Me’ Soundtrack Analyzed - Score UnCovered
By Old Tin Man
BLUE VELVET | How the Darkness Mirrors the Light
David Lynch - Unmasking the Psychosexual Nightmare of Blue Velvet
By CinemaWizardBoy
Blue Velvet - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Vertigo: Ending Explained
By The Take by ScreenPrism
How Hitchcock Turned the ‘Crop Duster Attack’ into a Cinematic Icon | North by Northwest
By CinemaTyler
The Bizarre Process of Writing ‘North by Northwest’ | Screenwriting
By CinemaTyler
Vertigo - A Look at Color in Film
By Neo
The Influence of 'Vertigo'
By Fandor
How Alfred Hitchcock Blocks A Scene
By Nerdwriter1
Vertigo - Renegade Cut
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Vertigo Analysis - Love, Identity & Relationships
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Vertigo: Resurrecting the Past
By Film Formula
Rear Window - Turning Viewer into Voyeur
By Matt Draper
Rear Window - Hitchcock's Manipulation
By Jack's Movie Reviews
ROPE: How Alfred Hitchcock Changed Editing Forever
By Mr Nerdista
Rope (1948) - Exercise in Mastering Suspense
By Marta Ruggeri
All 15 Split Diopter Shots in BLOW OUT
By Vashi Nedomansky
Subjective Camera in Black Swan
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Use of Moving Camera and Montage: Lessons from 'Cape Fear' (1991)
By Storytelling Twins
Bird Symbolism in Psycho: Women as Prey
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Semiotics: What We Don't See In Movies
By FilmInTheMaking
Nightcrawler - How Cinematography Tells The Story
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Cinematography of Nightcrawler - ACL
By D4Darious
Deconstructing Nightcrawler - Simplicity is the key
By Film Auer
Nocturnal Animals: Toxic Masculinity & Art
By Filmbolism
Nightcrawler Incriminates Its Viewers
By Thomas Flight
Nightcrawler and the Art of Reality
By Allerix Films
Nightcrawler Analysis: Framing Reality
By Film Formula
Pi: Faith in Numbers - Brows Held High
By KyleKallgrenBHH
Taxi Driver A Study of Masculinity & Existentialism 
By More Than Meets The Lens
Psycho: A Destructive look at American Idealism
By Vedant Naik
Taxi Driver - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Nocturnal Animals Analysis: Differences in the Novel
By Film Formula
Nightcrawler — Empathy for the Antihero
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Through the Eyes of Women: The Handmaiden
By Innuendo Studios
THE GAME: David Fincher & The Lonely Protagonist
By Mr Nerdista
Whiplash vs. Black Swan — The Anatomy of the Obsessed Artist
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Eyes Wide Shut: The Game
By Nerdwriter1
Eyes Wide Shut - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Deconstructing Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut
By LowRes Wünderbred
Kubrick Overview: Fear And Desire
By Georg Rockall-Schmidt
Donnie Darko: The Best Teen Movie (A Response to the Nerdwriter)
By Nolan Dean
Video Essay: How To Make a "TRAPPED" Film
By Abel's Filmmaking Channel
David Fincher: The Perfect Plot Twist
By Nathan Shapiro
By Fandor
Inception: Ending Explained
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Analysis of Inception
By Steven Benedict
Inception’s Soundtrack Explained - Score UnCovered
By Old Tin Man
A Dream? - Inception Analysis
By Nicholas Dobbie
By LondonCityGirl – Knowledge
Donnie Darko – Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Prestige: Hiding in Plain Sight
By Nerdwriter1
The Prestige - The Magic of Movies
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Insomnia - Moral Compromise
By Cinecrest Studios
Shutter Island — Notice The Details
By Tyler Mowery
Shutter Island: Why Perspective is Everything
By Storytellers
Cape Fear - Creating Cinematic Fear
By Jack's Movie Reviews
(UNLISTED) CAPE FEAR scene analysis - Max Cady attacks Lori
By Collative Learning
MARTIN SCORSESE Shot By Shot | Cape Fear
By Antonios Papantoniou
Could Black Swan be a Sports Film?
By Rocio Tambunting
Boogie Nights vs Taxi Driver
By Ali Shirazi
Taxi Driver (1976) Film Analysis | 70s Movie Marathon
By Thomas Pollock
Taxi Driver – The Perfect Antihero
By CinemaWizardBoy
Taxi Driver | ANALYSIS (Part Two)
By Channel Criswell
Taxi Driver | ANALYSIS (Part One)
By Channel Criswell