Horror Conventions & Techniques

While it’s easy to dismiss horror as cheap thrills, a well-executed horror film draws on every aspect filmmaking to create drama and terror. These videos cover some of the conventions and techniques used to craft the best in horror.
Where Zombies Come From
By Nerdwriter1
History of Zombies in Film Part 2
By Esto es el CINE
What We Can Learn From Korean Horror
By Screened
#81. Daylight Horror // Carnage sous le cagnard
By Trois Couleurs
Classic Monsters and Psycho - Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Mummy
By CineFix
What Is A Giallo Film?
By Dr. Udru
Let's Discuss Horror | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography
By Channel Criswell
The Story of Horror 7 - Surgeons and Sadists... Torture Porn and Extreme Gore
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 6, The Plight of the Promiscuous... The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 5, You Say You Want A Revolution... The Birth Of Modern Horror
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 4, Start Worrying and Fear The Bomb... Sci fi Horror and Isolationist Paranoia
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 3, The Monster Factory... The Rise of Hollywood Horror
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 2, Style and Substance... German Expressionism
By Cinema Scares
The Story of Horror 1, Magicians and Mystery... Early Horror Cinema
By Cinema Scares
Let The Right One In - A Freakish Romance
By Cinema Scares
Anatomy of Horror - Found Footage
By Cinema Scares
Anatomy of Horror - Claustrophobia
By Cinema Scares
A Short History of the Horror Film (1890s - 2010s)
By One Hundred Years of Cinema
Anatomy of Horror - Sex
By Cinema Scares
Why Jump Scares Suck
By Now You See It
The Art of the Twist Ending
By GammaRay
The Problem with the Final Girl | Video Essay
By Something Ghoulish
Staff Pick
Fear the Screen – The Rise of Monitor Horror
By Film Qualia
The Concept of Community in Horror Movies
By GammaRay
How THE CABIN IN THE WOODS Changed The Horror Formula
By Ryan Hollinger
Religious Horror: How Religion Shaped the Horror Genre
By GammaRay
Noël Carroll: The Paradox of Horror
By Aeon Video
What Kind of HORROR is Scariest?
By The Thought Theater
How To Make an Effective Horror Movie
By Screened
The Secrets of the Slasher Film
By wolfcrow
How the Final Girl Changes Horror Movie Tropes
By GammaRay
Quentin Tarantino's 'Death Proof': The Meta Slasher
By The Gentleman Savant
The Walking Dead: Genre-Blind is How We Live
By The Take by ScreenPrism
3 Levels of Horror According To Stephen King
By Fandor
How Horror Cinematography Taps Into Our Primal Fears
By No Film School
The Thing - The Fundamentals of Effective Horror
By Jack's Movie Reviews
It Came from the Suburbs! | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Untold History of Spider Movies
By Ryan Hollinger
Candyman: Breaking all the Rules of Horror
By coldcrashpictures
What Makes a Horror Movie Scary? | Ringer PhD | The Ringer
By The Ringer
Horror Lighting: From Below
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Feminine Horror | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
What Makes a Movie Scary?
By Now You See It
How Hitchcock Manipulates Editing in THE BIRDS
By Max Goldberg
The Problem with Horror Movies Today
By Chris Stuckmann
Bringing Back What's Stolen: Specialness
By Innuendo Studios
"The Birds" - Alfred Hitchcock - Film Codes
By Taidgh Richards
Video Essay | Lighting, Colour and Character in El Orfanato The Orphanage 2007
By Rosie Howe
The Art of SCREAM: Horror Logic Done Right
By Ryan Hollinger
SCREAM: How Wes Craven Manipulated Audiences
By Mr Nerdista
Feathered Foes: Birds in Horror
By What's So Great About That?
Dolls in Horror Movies
By heyitspriti
Staff Pick
What Are We Afraid Of? Societal Fears Reflected in Film
By Now You See It
“Siding With The Victim, Part 2: Horror Films and the War on Women” by Jed Mayer and Ken Cancelosi
By Press Play Video Blog
Framing the Picture: The Evolving Role of Sex and Sexuality in the Horror Genre
By Matt Marlin
The Babadook: The New Physicality of Ghosts in Horror
By What's So Great About That?
Scream Video Essay - The Effectiveness of Intertextuality
By Lucero Cortez