Largescale, sweeping in scope, and full of spectacle, learn more about how filmmakers pull off these mythic, legendary, and often extravagant stories.
Roma: The Beauty We Overlook
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Alfonso Cuarón's "Roma" is a Cinematic Masterpiece
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Kingdom of Heaven | A Kingdom of Conscience, or Nothing - Kant's Moral Philosophy
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Gladiator — The Birth of the Modern Epic
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Gladiator | Turning Spectacle into a Meaningful Story
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History Buffs: Lawrence of Arabia
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Kingdom of Heaven | Why the Director's Cut is Better
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Ran - Renegade Cut
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Seven Samurai - Drama Through Action
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How David Lean Created Ali’s Mesmerizing Entrance | Lawrence of Arabia
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Lighting Masterclass || Billy Williams || Masterclass
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Roma - Creating a Moment
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How “Roma” (2018) Utilizes Symbolism + Historical Politics
The Philosophy of Stoicism | Gladiator
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051. Alexander (dir. Oliver Stone) Video Essay
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1923: How Cecil B Demille Created the Blueprint for the Biblical Epic
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A Brief Histoy of Japanese Cinema
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A Bug's Life Is LITERALLY Seven Samurai
Academy Conversations: Roma
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Fitzcarraldo: The Un-Making of a Masterpiece
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History Buffs: Alexander Revisited
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History Buffs: Braveheart
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History Buffs: Gladiator
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History Buffs: Kingdom of Heaven
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How Archetypal Manhood Properly Confronts the Brutality of Life—Gladiator Pt. 1
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How to Tell a Visual Story | Technique Breakdown with Larry Fong, ASC
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Ideal Manhood to the Bottom and Back — The Story of Joseph of Egypt — Gladiator Pt. 3
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Ideal Manhood's Hostile Brother — The Story of Cain and Abel — Gladiator Pt.2
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Kingdom of Heaven | Addendum: Why Balian won the Battle for Jerusalem
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Kingdom of Heaven - Renegade Cut
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Notes On Style: Roma
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Roma: Análisis
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Roma - Oscar Nominated Script Breakdown
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'ROMA' Press Conference | Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza Aparicio & Marina de Tavira | NYFF56
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Seven Samurai - A Lesson In Storytelling
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Spartacus – Renegade Cut
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Stanley Kubrick: Spartacus & Kirk Douglas Years (The Directors Series) - Indie Film Hustle
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Stoicism in Gladiator – Meditations II
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The Panavision Sphero Panatar Lens - Lawrence of Arabia
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Why Roma is Important
By Moisés Feliciano