Action Thriller

Find out how action thrillers use physical action and protagonists in danger to create suspense and keep us on the edge of our seats.
Snowpiercer - Left or Right
By Tony Zhou
Independence Day — What Makes it So Great
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Patrick Explains MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (And Why It's Great)
By Patrick (H) Willems
Why is Die Hard so f*%king good?
By Rossatron
Mission: Impossible — Executing the Perfect Heist
By Lessons from the Screenplay
John Wick: Chapter Two - Action Film Analysis
By Rossatron
James Bond and Action Cinema
By Rossatron
How The Rambo Movies Changed
By Georg Rockall-Schmidt
Snowpiercer: The Artist As Historian
By Nerdwriter1
DIE HARD: The Logic of Vulnerability
By Ryan Hollinger
Hard Boiled - Break Down: Action Film Analysis
By Rossatron
UNBREAKABLE | How to Write a Superhero
Staff Pick
In the Cut, Part II: A Dash of Salt
By Jim Emerson
James Bond Examined | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Duel. Cut to the Chase: How Spielberg Builds Chases
By Edoardo Spallazzi
Apocalypto: Sequel to the Passion of the Christ
By Logos Made Flesh
Apocalypto: The Universality of the Chase
By Storytellers
Casino Royale | Breaking Down Bond
By Films&Stuff
Christopher McQuarrie Breaks Down Mission: Impossible - Fallout's Bathroom Scene - IGN on CineFix
By CineFix
Die Hard: A Christmas Movie
By Anna Catley
Die Hard - A Lesson In Storytelling
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Die Hard, The Christmas Drama Masquerading as an Action Film
By Movies Under The Surface
Filming James Bond car chases || Masterclass - Phil Meheux
By CookeOpticsTV
Filmmaking: How to Direct Action
By Film Riot
History Buffs: Apocalypto
By History Buffs
How JOHN WICK Breaks the Power Fantasy
By Samuel Davis
How to be Creative: Limitless & The Unconscious
By Storytellers
Why Does James Bond Sound Like James Bond?
By Dan Golding - Video Essays
How Tom Cruise Learned to Fly a Helicopter Stunt for Mission: Impossible - Fallout | WIRED
Is Mission: Impossible the Best Action Franchise?
By Rossatron
James Bond: Business With Pleasure
By Jesse Tribble
Jason Bourne and 24: the Reality of Counter-Terrorism
By Storytellers
Jason Bourne & The Curse Of Mediocrity | Anatomy Of A Failure
By Filmento
JOHN WICK 2: The Influence of Silent Cinema
By Mr Nerdista
John Wick (2014) - Movies with Mikey
By FilmJoy
John Wick - Break Down: Action Film Analysis
By Rossatron
John Wick Changed Action Movies And You Barely Noticed
By Looper
John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Re-Edit - Movies with Mikey
By FilmJoy
John Wick: Chapter 2 — The Art of Crafting Action
By A Matter of Film
John Wick — How To Film Gun-Fu | Film Perfection
By Filmento
Mission: Impossible - Fallout Should Be Nominated
By The Royal Ocean Film Society
Mission: Impossible | Orchestrating a Setpiece
By Films&Stuff
On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Seeing Bond Differently
By Rossatron
Sherlock Holmes — How To Do Visual Action
By Filmento
Snowpiercer’s Real Meaning
By Tyler Mowery
Spirituality in The Revenant - Video Essay  
By Hint of Film
That Nobody is John Wick
By Mr. Zeecon
The Art of Storytelling and The Legend of Chun Li
By Folding Ideas
The Equalizer: How Morality is Achieved
By Mr Nerdista
The Grey: An Essay on Chaos and Human Suffering
By Cinecrest Studios
The Rundown (Welcome to the Jungle) - Break Down: Action Film Analysis
By Rossatron
The Story of Mission: Impossible (Feat. Movies with Mikey)
By Patrick (H) Willems
The Story of Mission: Impossible - Movies with Mikey (feat. Patrick Willems)
By FilmJoy
Thoughts on Shaky Cam
What Makes a Good Action Movie | John Wick (2014)
By Akshunn Jakhu
What Makes John Wick So Good?
By Full Fat Videos
What Makes The Fast & Furious Series So Successful?
By Rossatron
Who is Ethan Hunt? [Mission: Impossible]
By Patrick (H) Willems
William Friedkin's SORCERER - Fighting Our Cruel Fate
By Matt Draper
The Grey — A Philosophy of Heroic Suffering
By Like Stories of Old