Why Harvey Keitel was Fired from Apocalypse Now | Ep6 | Making Apocalypse Now

In Episode 6, CinemaTyler looks at the difficult process of finding an actor to play Captain Willard–beginning with Steve McQueen, Martin Sheen, and finally landing on Harvey Keitel. He also explores the reasons why Francis Ford Coppola decided to replace Harvey Keitel only weeks into the production as well as how the story changed when Martin Sheen ultimately signed on to play the lead role.

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[Companion PDF] Making Apocalypse Now | Episode 6: Why Harvey Keitel was Fired from Apocalypse Now

This episode’s companion PDF features a short article I wrote on why Harvey Keitel may have been more suited to play Captain Willard than you might think, some behind-the-scenes photos, info from Walter Murch on why they didn’t reshoot the shots of Harvey Keitel that made it into the final film, and a selection of interesting comments from the previous episode.



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