Who Are We Without Storytelling?

Why are stories so purposefully structured whereas our reality is so often messy and chaotic? Why do characters have clear transformative arcs when our identities and personal journeys are so much more complex than that? It’s questions like these, and their implications that will be explored in this new series on stories vs. reality.

In this third and final episode, Like Stories of Old examines the way we naturally experience the world, and where the sense of adventure comes from. They will the revisit the fundamental difference between stories and reality to explore how our experience clashes with the rules of storytelling, which leads into some deeper metaphysical questions on the nature of the universe as they will examine the possibility, and consequences of the existence of a grand cosmic story. Lastly, they will present a hopefully grounded conclusion to all this, one that doesn’t necessarily resolve the conflicts we’ve discussed, but one that at least gives us a better way to deal with them.

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