Understanding Rupert Pupkin | The King of Comedy (1982) | Character Analysis

The King of Comedy is a tale of one’s ambitions and destiny to be what they thought they would become. A message hidden behind the film’s dark humour, the life of Rupert Pupkin is one that Film Is Just Moving Pictures can relate to and this is probably the same to many of you as well. However, Rupert Pupkin isn’t someone that we should look up to, he is a man that is dangerously obsessed with talk show host Jerry Langfard, to the point where he kidnaps him for a chance at the big time. But it is that journey Rupert takes to get to the top which makes him kind of admirable. Film Is Just Moving Pictures does not condone in the actions Rupert takes but his dedication and dreams of becoming someone greater is something that many of us can understand. Rupert is delusional and obsessive. He has a goal and wants to get to the finishing line as soon as possible.

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