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Netflix’s new movie The Old Guard starring Charlize Theron quickly rose up to be their most watched movie, and understandably so as it has quite a few strengths that make it an entertaining watch, especially now since there are no new film releases coming out. But perhaps the biggest strength of The Old Guard altogether is something that ties it to another recent wannabe-blockbuster that didn’t do so well, Gemini Man starring Will Smith. That strength being the use of an original concept. Like I mentioned in my video “Gemini Man — How to Fail at Concept”, Gemini Man made a few mistakes relating to its concept that made the whole thing fall apart. And now The Old Guard comes along and aces those mistakes to great success. And in today’s Film Perfection, let’s see what are the differences in how these two films utilize their concept to know what to keep in mind in order to succeed at it.


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