Directed by Ron Clements

The Moral Mistake in Moana | Video Essay

Moana is without question an amazing Disney movie for kids and adults alike. The soundtrack, written and partially performed by near PEGGOT winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton fame, is amazing and catchy with great tunes like Shiny Moana holds the viewer’s attention while tugging at their heartstrings. There are great characters like Maui, played by Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who performs the amazing song from Moana You’re Welcome. The moral of the story involves believing in yourself and lacks the sort of romantic love interest Disney movies usually contain. However, there is one ending in Moana that no other Moana videos for kids or even any Moana video essay seems to have covered which ABSOLUTELY RUINS MOANA ‘s moral. What ruins Moana? Well let’s dive in to the magical world of Maui and Moana and discover it together!

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Ron Clements