Raging Bull -- What Makes This Movie Great? (Episode 46)

This video reviews and analyzes Martin Scorsese’s famous black-and-white boxing movie, Raging Bull (1980). Starring Joe Pesci and Robert Deniro, who made what is still one of the more remarkable physical transformations for his performance of Jake LaMotta. Learning About Movies’ Josh Matthews considers why the movie is in black-and-white, and why it’s title is “Raging Bull.” Also why it’s popular, even though it doesn’t have a typical plot structure, and whether or not it’s a sports movie. The video contrasts Raging Bull to Rocky, released just a few years before. Matthews talks about Roman Catholic doctrines as depicted in the movie, particularly related to the will and violence. Somehow, Dante, minotaurs, and the ancient Greek sculpture “Boxer at Rest” come up!

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Raging Bull