Neon Genesis Evangelion - Hope & Despair

In 1995, director Hideaki Anno unleashed a show that would subvert expectations, enamor a nation and forever change the industry it was a part of. Twenty-five years later, Neon Genesis Evangelion is still one of the most vital and – more importantly – most exciting shows around. In this video, Beyond Ghibli explores its many iterations, examine their impacts on fandom and takes a closer look at the deeply embedded themes of hope and despair at the heart of it all.

00:15 – PART 1: The First Impact
04:27 – PART 2: You are (not) okay.
09:42 – PART 3: Ending Evangelion
15:43 – PART 4: One More Time, With Feeling
19:09 – Conclusion & Credits

Beyond Ghibli

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Neon Genesis Evangelion