Michael Bay is Kinda Crazy

Director Michael Bay is one of the most divisive figures in cinema. His films are regularly bashed by film snobs yet he has two in the Criterion Collection. Sometimes he can be an easy go to joke but you can’t deny that his images look amazing. The behavior and life of Michael Bay is almost as infamous as any of his action films. Some of us grew up on TNT midnight showings of the TV-14 version of THE ROCK and some of us spend lonely nights with nothing but our Transformer action figures to keep us company. So whatever you think about the films of Michael Bay, it doesn’t matter because he will probably just blow up your little tiny opinions with tons of studio funded dynamite. Mr. Bay tackles a lot in his filmography; big blockbuster franchises, music videos, commercials, an occasional action/comedy, and some epic military historical dramas. He is one of the few to have spawned his own filmmaking term, “Bayhem”. Destruction is a form of creation and Michael Bay is a living breathing example of that theory. Love him or hate him, you can’t escape him. Buckle up and watch out for flying debris; it is time for Michael Bay is Kinda Crazy.

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