Meyer Sound - Apocalypse Now Final Cut

Forty years after its original 1979 release, filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola’s celebrated masterpiece of the Vietnam War era has been restored, remastered and re-released as “Apocalypse Now Final Cut.” For the first time, Coppola’s original intent for creating a visceral, deep low-frequency impact has been fully realized with the introduction of Sensual Sound, developed by American Zoetrope in partnership with Meyer Sound Laboratories, Inc. of Berkeley, California. Under Coppola’s personal supervision, a team from his American Zoetrope production company remastered the film’s visuals in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision from the original negatives, and also transferred the soundtrack to high-resolution 96 kHz digital for remixing and remastering in Dolby Atmos.

Video edited by Michael Coleman for Meyer Sound & Zoetrope Studios

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