Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2 - The Broken Sequel

Another MCU Video Essay, and sadly, a negative MCU video essay. Has anyone done an Iron Man 2 video essay before? Because Iron Man 2 is fascinating, the behind the scenes is somewhat more interesting than what we got in the film and far more interesting than a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. This is probably my best video, video essay, passionate rant, since the Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man videos, HiTop Films said that last time, and they’ll say it again. Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau got screwed and it sucks. It’s what makes Iron Man 2 so very broken. There’s a great Iron Man 2 and HiTop Films hopes this video shows that. The sad truth is we will never get to see it. HiTop Films hopes everyone is doing O.K. and thank you to everyone who actually reads this nonsense.

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