How George Lucas Wanted to Direct ‘Apocalypse Now’ | Ep2 | Making Apocalypse Now

In Episode 2 of Making Apocalypse Now, we look at a version of Apocalypse Now that would never be made– George Lucas’ hand-held, black & white, war mockumentary that could have been shot in Vietnam DURING the war.

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[Companion PDF] Making Apocalypse Now | Episode 2: George Lucas Almost Directed ‘Apocalypse Now' Instead of 'Star Wars'

This 25-page companion booklet includes: my thoughts on Scorsese and Coppola saying that Marvel movies are “not cinema,” character mini-bios, the story of how George Lucas made the student film (Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB) that gave him the opportunity to change the film industry forever, as well as my responses to some interesting comments from Episode 1.

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