The Events that Lead Coppola to Apocalypse Now | Ep1 | Making Apocalypse Now

In Episode 1 of Making Apocalypse Now, CinemaTyler looks at Francis Ford Coppola’s life leading up to Apocalypse Now including his time at UCLA, his work on Patton, his work for Roger Corman, the founding of American Zoetrope, THX 1138, The Godfather, The Conversation, and The Godfather Part II.

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[Companion PDF] Making Apocalypse Now | Episode 1: Coppola Before the Apocalypse

This 15-page PDF includes an article I wrote on getting started with the series, mini-bios for main characters in this episode, and a selection of expanded quotes and passages that I found particularly interesting while researching this episode. ** This first one is Pay-What-You-Want! **

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