Jim Morrison and Beginning with 'The End' |Ep.4| Making Apocalypse Now

In Episode 4, CinemaTyler takes a look at the opening of Apocalypse Now featuring the haunting Doors song ’The End’ and singer Jim Morrison’s strange connections to the film and the Vietnam War. They also compare several written openings to the movie that were not used that would have given us a unique look at Colonel Kurtz and his army.

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[Companion PDF] Making Apocalypse Now | Episode 4: Jim Morrison and Beginning with 'The End'

This episode’s companion PDF features some more detailed information on Jim Morrison at UCLA, some interesting quotes by Walter Murch and Coppola on the use of The Doors’ music in the film, as well as a playlist of music that Coppola noted or wrote into the script, but didn’t end up using.

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