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J.J. Abrams has achieved more in the past decade than most directors do in their entire career. Think about it, he’s been passed the reins to some of the biggest blockbuster franchises of all time. These include: Star Trek, Mission Impossible and Star Wars…STAR WARS! A genuine fan of film since his childhood, saying that Abrams is living his dream would be a serious understatement. With an incredible eye for fun, nostalgia and electrifying pacing, Abrams has not only been able to reignite these franchises to entertain modern audiences but please most of the diehard fans as well. It was the balance of the excitement, nostalgia, and heart within his work that Joel wanted to capture in this latest installment of The Works. Plus he thought it would be neat to chronicle his career prior to earning the unbelievable position of directing Star Wars: Episode VII.

Joel Walden

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J.J. Abrams