How Pixar Created A Perfect Animated Romance Scene | 10 Minutes Of Perfection

There is one particular scene early on in “Wall-E” where Wall-E first shows Eve his home. This scene looks different from all previous Pixar films and most other feature-length animated movies. This is thanks to legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins, who worked as a visual consultant on the film. After consulting with Deakins, the animation team decided to light several scenes (including this one) with “practical lighting.” Practical lighting means lighting a scene by using only the lights that appear in the scene — not adding in any extra lighting off-camera. The practical lighting made the scene feel more realistic and intimate. Additionally, the animation team used virtual anamorphic lenses in this sequence to create the perfect ambiance for Pixar’s first romantic scene. Anamorphic lenses create more separation between the foreground and the background. This visual quality helps emphasize Wall-E and Eve’s isolation but also increases the cozy feeling of the scene.


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