How Coppola Raised Millions to Make ‘Apocalypse Now’ Independently |Ep.3| Making Apocalypse Now

In Episode 3, Cinema Tyler takes a look at how Francis Ford Coppola got the ‘Apocalypse Now’ project got off the ground with the help of Producers Fred Roos and Gray Frederickson, and Production Designer Dean Tavoularis. This episode looks at the location scouting (choosing between the Philippines and Australia), financing the film with distribution deals overseas, United Artists, and a $7 million bank loan, and how the Hearts of Darkness documentary got started with Eleanor Coppola.

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[Companion PDF] Making Apocalypse Now | Episode 3: How Coppola Raised Millions to Make ‘Apocalypse Now’ Independently

This 20-page companion booklet includes: character bios, more information on Hearts of Darkness and Coppola feelings on it, excerpts with more information on what the Department of Defense didn’t like about the script, and a selection of my favorite comments from the Episode 2.

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