Charlize Theron has kicked and punched her beautiful (and crazy) self all the way to the top of Hollywood’s food chain. More than just a pretty face, this talented actress has made her mark on the cinematic world of dramas, comedies, action and even family films. She has been known to dive deep into the mind’s of her characters and push her body to the limit while training for a phiscally demanding role. Charlize Theron puts her body, mind, and soul into a performance and it really shows up when on the silver screen. After overcoming a violent family tragedy in South Africa, she moved to NYC to become a ballerina but ended up becoming an Oscar winning superstar! Learn about Charlize’s crazy methods to get into character like gaining 30 lbs or speeding down the highway. The craziness of Charlize’s career has shaken up the art of cinema and we thank her for it.

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