Safdie brothers

Josh Safdieand Benny Safdie are American screenwriters and directors. second feature film, Daddy Longlegs, premiered at the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes under an alternate title Go Get Some Rosemary in 2009 and played its American debut at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Lenny Cooke, their first full-length documentary premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. Also premiering at the Venice Film Festival was their feature film Heaven Knows What (2014) where it won the C.I.C.A.E Award. The Safdies received great critical acclaim and much wider attention with their crime-thriller Good Time (2017) starring Robert Pattinson as a low-life conman, trying to get his brother, played by Benny, out of prison. It premiered in competition at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Cannes Soundtrack Award.

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