From a magical kingdom to your tiny New York apartment, these videos demonstrate why a unique world is the foundation of any great story.
Eraserhead- Exploring Nowhere
By Colin Earner
Staff Pick
Minority Report — Deconstructing the Story World
By Lessons from the Screenplay
City of God - The Open World Movie
By Channel Criswell
How Ghostbusters Became Ghostbusters
By Lessons from the Screenplay
The Princess Bride – The Importance of Good Worldbuilding
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Children of Men: Don't Ignore The Background
By Nerdwriter1
Anatomy of the Dreamlike Romance – Call Me By Your Name vs. Before Sunrise
By Like Stories of Old
Moonrise Kingdom — Where Story Meets Style
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Middle Earth and The Perils of Worldbuilding
By Nerdwriter1
The World of Ralph Bakshi
By The Royal Ocean Film Society
Hiromasa Yonebayashi - Characterising Surroundings
By Channel Criswell
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Wes Anderson's Worldbuilding
By Jack's Movie Reviews
City of God Analysis - Characters, Worldbuilding & Themes
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Ghost In The Shell: Identity in Space
By Nerdwriter1
Her - Building a Beautiful Future
By kaptainkristian
JRR Tolkien: Passion for the Legends
By HoustonProductions1
Why Tekkonkinkreet is an Amazing Movie
By Super Eyepatch Wolf
The Immersive Realism of Studio Ghibli
By Asher Isbrucker
Heroism and Moral Victory – The Lord of the Rings (part 1)
By Like Stories of Old
A Mythology of Hope – The Lord of the Rings (part 2)
By Like Stories of Old
Black Mirror Explained: A Shared Universe
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Blade Runner - Worldbuilding on Film
By Viewfinder
How To Build a World: THE EXPANSE | Why You Should Watch
By Ideas At Play
Guillermo del Toro: How to Master World Building
By wolfcrow
How Do Portraits Work In Harry Potter?
By Bryan Seeker
How Oshii Uses Location
By AnimeEveryday
Ministry of Magic | Harry Potter
By The Templin Institute
On Worldbuilding: Dragons [ The Last Airbender l Smaug l Game of Thrones ] PART ONE
By Hello Future Me
On Worldbuilding: Hidden Magical Worlds [ Fantastic Beasts l Black Panther l Trollhunters ]
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: hard magic systems in fantasy [ Avatar l Fullmetal Alchemist l Mistborn ]
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: magic systems and storytelling [ Avatar TLA/LOK bending analysis ]
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: soft magic systems in fantasy [ Tolkien l Game of Thrones l Harry Potter ]
By Hello Future Me
Pixar & The Ignorance of Humanity
By Full Fat Videos
Staff Pick
Se7en - Designing Hell
By Cinema Scares
The Lord of the Rings: Keeping Fantasy in Check
By Johnny Finch
The World of Pandora Explained | James Cameron's Avatar
By HN Entertainment
TRON: Legacy - Crafting an Unforgettable World
By Matt Draper