The Long Take

The long take or "one shot" is a technique in which an entire scene or extended portion of a scene is filmed in a single continuous shot, with no cuts. Why choose to do this? Check out these videos to learn about how and when filmmakers allow scenes to play out in real time.
The Spielberg Oner
By Tony Zhou
The Career of Paul Thomas Anderson in Five Shots
By Kevin B. Lee
Children of Men — The Oner of Opposites
By A Matter of Film
What Long Takes Can't Do
By Now You See It
Alfonso Cuaron: The Art of Letting it Play
By Nathan Shapiro
ROPE: How Alfred Hitchcock Changed Editing Forever
By Mr Nerdista
Call Me By Your Name, Ending Explained: Don't Cut Away from the Feeling
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Thank You For Not Cutting — Part 1
By Fandor
Thank You For Not Cutting – Part 2
By Fandor
The Cinematic Beauty of Existential Dread
By Paul Bland
The Alfonso Cuaron One-Shot Sequence
By The Royal Ocean Film Society
5 Visual Aesthetics of David Fincher's MINDHUNTER: A Video Essay
By Vashi Nedomansky
In Focus: The Broom Is Not What It Seems (Twin Peaks: The Return)
By The Long Take
Utilising Natural Lighting & Long Takes || Ben Davis || Spotlight
By CookeOpticsTV
Claude Chabrol - Scene Analyses
By Kevin B. Lee
Mapping the Long Take: Bela Tarr and Miklós Jancsó
By Kevin B. Lee
3 Strategies Behind the Best Long Takes
By StudioBinder
A Ghost Story | Creating a Unique Perspective - A Video Essay
By Before The Credits
Alfonso Cuaron Explains How He Directed Children of Men
By The Directors Cut
Birdman: Long Takes (or The Unexpected Influence of Max Ophüls) | Film Analysis
By Take Me To Your Cinema
Camera Angles and Movement: Orson Welles, Sanchez's Apartment Scene, Touch of Evil
By wolfcrow
Case Study || Sean Bobbitt - The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)
By CookeOpticsTV
Daredevil | The Art of the Long Take
By Rossatron
Found in Translation: Cuarón and the Long Take
By Fandor
Framing the Picture: The Long Take and Terror in Children of Men
By FramingthePicture
How Alfonso Cuarón Became a Master
By Karsten Runquist
How to Shoot a Scene in One Long Take
By wolfcrow
Long Takes in Children of Men — How Cuarón Motivates Camera Movement
By StudioBinder
Master Of None: Big Risks Pay Off
By Alex Martinez
Michael Haneke on Long Takes
By criterioncollection
Recutting the Revenant: How a Long Take Can Fail
By Thomas Flight
Shooting Down Pictures #934: Unfaithfully Yours
By alsolikelife
The Haunting of Hill House - How To Use Long Takes
By Screened
The Origins of Ruben Östlund’s Long-Take Style
By 16:9 Film Journal
Continuous Vision: The Long Takes of Paul Thomas Anderson (Video Essay)
By Dan Ketchum
JAWS: The Longest Shot You Never Noticed
By Vashi Nedomansky
“Raiders of the Lost Arc” – The Long Take
By Vashi Nedomansky
The 2 Longest Steven Spielberg Film Shots Ever
By Vashi Nedomansky
The Stranger - Forest Tracking Scene
By The Critical Press
Touch of Evil - Interrogation Tracking Scene
By The Critical Press