Symbolic Objects

These videos explore how filmmakers use props as symbols to help convey the wants, needs and obsessions of characters
In Praise of Chairs
By Tony Zhou
Guillermo del Toro: How Objects Tell The Story
By Little White Lies
American Beauty: The Meaning of the Rose
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Five Types of Disney Magic Objects
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Are the Coen Brothers Obsessed with Desks? — How to Create Themes with Motifs
By StudioBinder
Philosophy, Art, and Vampires in Jim Jarmusch's 'Only Lovers Left Alive’
Dead Signal: A History of Horror and the Telephone
By Film Qualia
Doctor Strange Endgame Crisis: TIME STONE Gone? | Inside Marvel
By New Rockstars
Forrest Gump Explained: What the Feather Means
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Return of Kids on Bikes - Stranger Things, IT & Paper Girls
By Matt Draper
How I Met Your Mother - Barney and a History of Suits
By The Take
Lord of the Rings | Symbolism of the Ring of Power
By Jonathan Pageau
Lord of The Rings: The Gravity of Objects
By Nerdwriter1
Next Stop, Analysis: The Contradictory Trains of Cinema
By What's So Great About That?
PAN'S LABYRINTH: The Significance of Doors and Entrances
By Mr Nerdista
Records in American Independent Cinema: 1987- 2018
By Ian Garwood
Stephen King's Worst Fear
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Meaning of Mirrors in Movies | Video Essay
By HoustonProductions1
The Meaning of: Starbucks in Fight Club
By Bryan Seeker
THE NEON DEMON: Mirrors & Narcissism
By Mr Nerdista
The Philosophy of 'Only Lovers Left Alive' | Part 2
The Philosophy of 'Only Lovers Left Alive' | Part 4
The Secret Meaning of Fluffy Pens in Movies
By Little White Lies
The Untold History of KILLER CAR Movies
By Ryan Hollinger
Why Do We Care About a Volleyball?
By That Movie Show
Why Sharing Headphones Is So Romantic
By Entertain The Elk
When Movie Characters Come Face To Face With A Mirror
By Fandor