Case Studies: Storytelling Through Color

Like a good soundtrack, color can fill a scene with emotion and tension, signify changes in characters and themes, and create a compelling atmosphere—videos highlighting the important role of color in cinematic storytelling.
Colour In Storytelling | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography
By Channel Criswell
CARLITO'S WAY: The Power of Colour
By Mr Nerdista
Baby Driver | Color Coded Characters
By Film Radar
How Wonder Woman Uses Color
By Patrick (H) Willems
The Colour Space of Halt and Catch Fire | Strip Reel Naked
By Strip Panel Naked
The Technicolor Nightmares of Suspiria
By Matt Draper
Kurosawa Color
By Fandor
The Use of Red in Perfect Blue
By AnimeEveryday
The Visual Aesthetic of Fight Club
By Fandor
Vertigo - A Look at Color in Film
By Neo
By Oswald Iten
What Color Means in “Paris, Texas”
By Vaughan Supple
Eternal Sunshine: The Secret Symbolism of Clementine's Hair
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Combining Story and Style: The Colors of Drive
By Tyler Mowery
Semiotic Symbolism in The Shape of Water
By FilmInTheMaking
La La Land: Using Color | VIDEO ESSAY
By Karsten Runquist
The Colors of David Fincher & Bong Joon-ho - The Lookout #13
By The Lookout
The Effects of Color and Costume Design in Film
By Visual Rhetoric
The Visual Color Palette of Steven Soderbergh's Films
By Fandor
American Beauty Semiotics Audio Visual Essay
By Christopher Pearson
Black & White & In Color
By Fandor
Color By Numbers: Twin Peaks
By Fandor
Color Consciousness in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining
By Extended Play Productions
Color me Bava
By Jose Sarmiento-Hinojosa
Colors of the Ocean's Trilogy | A Supercut
By Entertain The Elk
Staff Pick
Film Noir: The Case for Black and White
By Now You See It
Framing the Picture: Color and Conflict in The Guest
By FramingthePicture
How The Defenders' Colours Tell A Story | Storyteller's Notebook
By Traven Talks
Kubrick In Color
By Marc Anthony Figueras
Pleasantville - Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
Rosemary's Baby | Shades of Evil
By CineFrames
Scorsese In The Red
By Filmscalpel
Spielberg Video Essay - Raiders of the Lost Ark
By Jordan Chipps
The Brian De Palma Aesthetic
By Fandor
By Fandor
The Color Palette of ZODIAC
By Fandor
The Colours of Claire Denis
By Little White Lies
The Girl In Red & The Emotion of Color
By George McCann
The Red Dress: Colour in Sirks' All That Heaven Allows
By 12 Courier New Podcast
The Role of Color in the Films of Guillermo Del Toro
By KianLinares
The Sexy Aesthetic of Boogie Nights
By Fandor
The Visual Aesthetic of Hayao Miyazaki
By Fandor
Tim Burton’s Use of Colour
By Nadia Fairhall
Using Color to Tell Your Story
By Film Riot
Using Color to Tell Your Story
By Film Riot
Video Essay | Lighting, Colour and Character in El Orfanato The Orphanage 2007
By Rosie Howe
Why Do Marvel's Movies Look Kind of Ugly?
By Patrick (H) Willems
Storaro on Color: Bulworth
By Michael Mclennan
"The Birds" - Alfred Hitchcock - Film Codes
By Taidgh Richards
Wes Anderson / Color
By Andres Pena