Nuts & Bolts of Screenwriting

From formatting to how to keep readers engaged, learn more about the fundamentals of writing a screenplay.
Futurama - The Science of Comedy
By kaptainkristian
Writing Better Scene Descriptions
By John August
A Bad Scene Vs an Artistic Choice
By Tyler Mowery
Alfred Hitchcock: The Difference Between Mystery & Suspense
By American Film Institute
Beware of nominalizations (AKA zombie nouns) - Helen Sword
Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Solve Them — Act One
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Dead Man's Chest — How to Build the Perfect Plot | Film Perfection
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Does Script Format Matter?
By Tyler Mowery
Entering a Scene
By John August
Film Historian Foster Hirsch | What is Film Noir?
Hollywood Screenwriter Attempts To Write A Scene in 7 Minutes | Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
How Tarantino, Charlie Kaufman, and the Safdies Twist Real Life (And You Can Too)
By StudioBinder
How They Write Rick and Morty
By Tyler Mowery
How to Be a Better Writer
By Behind the Curtain
How to Build Story Momentum
By Tyler Mowery
How to Make a Short Film | Script Breakdowns
By wolfcrow
How to Write a Scene
By Tyler Mowery
"I will do it with nothing" - Alfred Hitchcock on avoiding clichés
By Eyes on Cinema
I Wrote A Screenplay In 48 Hours
By Tyler Mowery
Inglourious Basterds — How Tarantino Keeps You Hooked
By StudioBinder
Is THE ROAD Still The Most Depressing Story Ever Told?
By Ryan Hollinger
On Writing: Fight Scenes! [ Sanderson | GoT | The Shining | Dragon Tattoo ]
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: Flashbacks and Backstory!
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: How to Master Fight Scenes! [ Avatar | Lord of the Rings | Star Wars ] ft. Shadiversity
By Hello Future Me
On Writing: How to Master Pacing!
By Hello Future Me
Practical Advice for Writing a Short Film Script
By Videomaker
Screenplays: Crash Course Film Production #1
By CrashCourse
Script Breakdown 101
By RocketJump Film School
Script Breakdown Tutorial: How to Add Cast Members & Locations (Ep.3)
By StudioBinder
Spider-Man: Far From Home — How to Cheat the Audience | Film Perfection
By Filmento
Story, Plot & Character
By Cinema Beyond Entertainment
Tarantino On How He Wrote Pulp Fiction | Expert Series
By CinemaStix
The Fundamental Difference Between Stories And Reality
By Like Stories of Old
The Last of Us — The Art of Video Game Storytelling
By Lessons from the Screenplay
The Power of Simple Words - Terin Izil
Walter Hill: Writing It Differently
By Michael Couvaras
Why The Best 'Breaking Bad' Episode Is The Most Hated | The Art Of Film
Writing Better Action
By John August
Your Life is Not a Hero's Journey
By Like Stories of Old