Mood & Tone

Often even more than plot, a film's mood lures us in and lingers long after the movie ends. These videos highlight some of the different techniques filmmakers use to create a distinct tone for their film.
The Seductive Atmosphere of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (2017)
By iamthatroby
Heat: The Perfect Blend of Realism and Style
By Nerdwriter1
Boogie Nights & Goodfellas: How Directors Create a Mood
By Entertain The Elk
Suspiria: Phantasmagoric Artificiality | Cinema Cartography
By Cinema Cartography
ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN: Immersion Through Realism
By Bobby Burns
Showing Realistic Grief - Manchester By The Sea
By Thomas Flight
The Great Escape : Conflict In Tonality
By A Thousand Words
Unrealism: the Key to Realism
By Taylor J. Williams
Aki Kaurismäki - Hopeful Cynicism
By Channel Criswell
Film Tone — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep1
By StudioBinder
Quentin Tarantino: The King of Conflicting Tones
By The Lone Chemist
Realism: How Much Does it Really Matter? (video essay) by Patrick (H) Willems
By Patrick (H) Willems
The Art of Teen Films- American Graffiti (1973)
By The Royal Ocean Film Society
The Last Jedi - How Comedy Can Kill A Movie
By The Closer Look
The Stillness of Twin Peaks
By Fandor
The Witch: Believing in Evil
By Allerix Films
Twin Peaks The Return: Lost In Time- The Aesthetics of Slow Cinema
By Omega Reviews
Beasts of No Nation: Crash Course Film Criticism #14
By CrashCourse
The Cinematography of Barry Jenkins with James Laxton | Spotlight
By CookeOpticsTV
In the Shadow of Orson Welles
By Trois Couleurs
By criterioncollection
British vs American Comedy - A Comparative Analysis
By The Film Essay
Girish Shambu on Christian Petzold
By criterioncollection
How Denis Villeneuve Creates a Constant Sense of Dread in Enemy
By Brickwall Pictures
How I Get The Film Look
By Film Riot
Jojo Rabbit – How to Direct a Gut-Punch [Director's Playbook]
By StudioBinder
Observations on Film Art: Comedy, Suspense, and Three-Point Lighting in TO BE OR NOT TO BE
By criterioncollection
Parasite — Bong Joon Ho's Mastery of Genre and Tone
By StudioBinder
Psychology of Film: Tone - Episode 1 - The Matrix: Lighting
By Real Dimensional Pictures
Shane Black & the Christmas Action Movie (video essay)
By Patrick (H) Willems
SPIDER-MAN: A Balancing Act | Video Essay
By LockerPunch
Taika Waititi: Mastering Happy Sad Cinema
By We Need to Talk About Film
The Perfect Atmosphere of Blade Runner 2049
By iamthatroby
The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Experiencing a Stranger's Nostalgia
By Ross Talks About
The Purpose of Dark Stories
By Tyler Mowery
USS Callister: The Myth of Tonal Inconsistency
By Full Fat Videos
VIDEO ESSAY - How Tarantino uses TENSION in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Analysis)
By The Film Essay
Visual Storytelling: How to Create an Unforgettable Film Tone
By StudioBinder
Why All Movies From 1999 Are The Same
By Now You See It
What's the Point of a Director?
By Writing with the Camera