Lighting has the power to create and shift the mood of a film in ways that character, script, or really any other element cannot. These videos explore the many ways lighting shapes our response to a film.
The Godfather Explained: Cinematography of Shadows
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Stanley Kubrick: Practical Lighting
By Entertain The Elk
Horror Lighting: From Below
By The Take by ScreenPrism
German Expressionism, Explained by No Film School
By No Film School
David Fincher Master of Lights
By The Lucid Creative
Light & Shadow In Darkest Hour
By Thomas Flight
AKIRA: How To Animate Light
By Nerdwriter1
FRANKENSTEIN: How Lighting Affects Mood
By Mr Nerdista
German Expressionism & Visual Storytelling
By Reclosur Pictures
Cinematography, Lighting
By HorrorOldSchool
Color By Numbers: The Films of Sofia Coppola
By Fandor
Film Tone — Filmmaking Techniques for Directors: Ep1
By StudioBinder
Embrace your Shadows: A lesson for Light and Life
By Sean Tucker
How to Speak Movie Part 2: Mise en Scène
By KyleKallgrenBHH
Staff Pick
The Cinematography of There Will Be Blood (2/2): Location, Night Filming, Interiors, and the Mansion
By CinemaTyler
The Visual Color Palette of Steven Soderbergh's Films
By Fandor
Utilising Natural Lighting & Long Takes || Ben Davis || Spotlight
By CookeOpticsTV
In the Shadow of Orson Welles
By Trois Couleurs
Basic Lighting Techniques
By Film Riot
Case Study || Sean Bobbitt - Shame (2011)
By CookeOpticsTV
CINEMATIC LIGHTING: Lighting with purpose and story in mind
By Kriscoart
Cinematic Lighting Techniques | Part 1
By Parker Walbeck
Citizen Kane | Cinematography | Depth Through Light and Shadow
By Watch Meet Make
Deconstructing Film Lighting || Masterclass by gaffer Julian White
By CookeOpticsTV
Ep 04: Neutral Density Windows
By Grip Tips
Cinematographer Eric Lin on Utilizing Light to Accentuate Character
Cinematographer Eric Lin on Vintage Lenses | Creating a Mood for Hearts Beat Loud
Expressionism in The Night of the Hunter
By Vaughan Supple
Film Lighting Explained: Candy-Colored Clown, Blue Velvet
By wolfcrow
Film Lighting Explained: Halloween, Opening Scene
By wolfcrow
Grip and Electric: Crash Course Film Production #10
By CrashCourse
How To: Basic Cinematography Tips!
By Film Riot
How to Shoot Night Scenes | Tips from "Hustlers" Cinematographer Todd Banhazl
By Indy Mogul
Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
Lighting 101: Direction of Light
By RocketJump Film School
Lighting - Storytelling with Cinematography
By DSLRguide
Phantom Thread: Elegance in Lighting
By hyrai
Psychology of Film: Tone - Episode 1 - The Matrix: Lighting
By Real Dimensional Pictures
Sven Nykvist’s Cinematography and Work With Ingmar Bergman-The Snob’s Dictionary-Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
The Basics of Lighting for Film Noir
By Filmmaker IQ
What is Low-key Lighting?
By wolfcrow
Mise-en-scène, Lighting and familiar image in The Night of the Hunter
By HorrorOldSchool