Family & Relationships

Family & Relationships are often at the core of most peoples' lives. So it's no surprise the same goes for movies. Check out these videos on films that explore ups and downs of kinship, friendship & romantic relationships.
There Will Be Blood | The Search for Family
Lady Bird Analysis – The Meaning of Love
By A Matter of Film
Echoes in The Place Beyond The Pines: How Derek Cianfrance Communicates Themes
By Thomas Flight
Good Will Hunting – Dealing with Pain
By A Matter of Film
Vertigo Analysis - Love, Identity & Relationships
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Understanding The Graduate 50 Years Later
By Taylor J. Williams
The Darjeeling Limited: How Brothers Communicate
By Nerdwriter1
Her – Exploring Love
By Jack's Movie Reviews
The Incredibles Symbolism: The Power of Family
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Why Little Miss Sunshine is Special
By Ryan Hollinger
Her and the Human Condition
By Film Radar
One Marvelous Scene - Tony Stark Fights Thanos
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Graduate and the Perpetuation of Loneliness
By Eyebrow Cinema
The Last Jedi: Why Love Never Works in Star Wars #Reylo
By The Take by ScreenPrism
1940: Rebecca - Hitchcock's obsessions... Love, Violence and the Psycho-sexual
By One Hundred Years of Cinema
Phantom Thread - Exploring The Twisted Relationship 
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Is FRANCES HA (2012) The Most Relatable Film... Ever? - A Video Essay
By iamthatroby
The Beauty of the Dinner Scene
By Now You See It
By Ryan Hollinger
What Black Mirror's Hang the DJ Says About Love
By The Take by ScreenPrism
3 Interpretations of Summer
By Jesse Tribble
Homer & Lisa: How The Simpsons Examines Family
By Full Fat Videos
Interstellar: No TIME for LOVE- An Analysis
By The Thought Theater
Phantom Thread | Why Finding Love, Requires Letting Go
28 DAYS LATER: The Intimacy of Terror
By Mr Nerdista
American Sniper: Anti-War Misinterpreted?
By Storytellers
Anomalisa - Pursuing Perfection
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Bird Box & A Quiet Place: The Horrors of Modern Parenting
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Bojack Horseman: The Root Cause of Your Unhappiness
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Don Jon: What is Love?
By Jesse Tribble
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Memories and Mistakes
By ZakkZillion
Heart of a Chief Soul of a Dragon - How to Train Your Dragon 2 Analysis
By Nicholas Dobbie
Hereditary - I Really Don't Know You At All
By Cinema Scares
I, Tonya: The Psychology of Abuse
By That Movie Show
Interpreting The Lobster
By Cineflect
Liz and the Blue Bird - KyoAni's Musical Masterpiece
By Mother's Basement
By Jose Sarmiento-Hinojosa
Ozark - The Meaning of "Family"
By Alex Meyers
Paul Thomas Anderson Trilogy
Studio Ghibli Analysis: My Neighbour Totoro
By Harry's Moving Castle
The Art of Coraline
By 24 Frames Of Nick
The Darjeeling Limited: What It Says About Loss & Abandonment
By Shane Bertram
The Double Bill: Panic in Needle Park & Bug
By A-BitterSweet-Life
The Office: Kelly and Andy - A Love Story Never Told
By The Take by ScreenPrism
The Place Beyond the Pines - Inherited Poverty | Renegade Cut
By Renegade Cut
The Revenant - Nature and Human Nature
By Jack's Movie Reviews
The Weirdest Thriller You've Never Seen
By Ryan Hollinger
Trainspotting: How to be Addicted
By Storytellers
Warrior — The Struggle for Forgiveness
By A Matter of Film
What's The Point of a Doomed Romance? (Part 1) | 500 Days of Summer
By Screened
What's The Point of a Doomed Romance? (Part 2) | Her
By Screened
Why Love Isn't Enough | 'Before Sunrise’ vs ‘Before We Go’
By Ariana Alexis
Spielberg’s Subtext - Jurassic Park Analysis - Mike Hill