Videos tackling how to communicate backstory, background information and facts the audience needs to know in order to feel engaged in a story.
Staff Pick
Minority Report — Deconstructing the Story World
By Lessons from the Screenplay
In Praise of Exposition
By Thomas Flight
EXPOSITION | How to Not be Boring
Se7en — Why Less Is More
By A Matter of Film
Suicide Squad Is Bad From The Start
By Just Write
Short Term 12: Invisible Exposition - Video Essay
By Bryan Seeker
Stop Telling Stories
By Writing with the Camera
Dunkirk: Visual Storytelling at its Finest
On Writing: How to deliver exposition PART ONE [ Avatar l Matrix l Game of Thrones l Harry Potter ]
By Hello Future Me
Alfred Hitchcock: Exposition Is A Pill That Must Be Sugar-Coated
By American Film Institute
Exposing Exposition
By Fandor
How 'The Expanse' Shows Humanity Overcoming Our Worst | Mini-essays
By GammaRay
How to Fix Crimes of Grindelwald - Video Essay (Fantastic Beasts 2)
By Bryan Seeker
James Bond: Business With Pleasure
By Jesse Tribble
Mastering the Screenplay: Exposition in Film
By StudioBinder
Persona | Tell, Don't Show
By Cinema Beyond Entertainment
Show, Don't Tell: MINDHUNTER | Deep Dive
By Skip Intro
Tarantino Dialogue — How Kill Bill Keeps Us Hooked
By StudioBinder
The Art of the Ellipsis
By Fandor
The Condescension Of Pretension
By Georg Rockall-Schmidt
What to do with Exposition & Backstory | The Good and the Bad (and the Ugly)
By Two Wordy
The Matrix — Exposition in Action
By Lessons from the Screenplay
The Witcher Season 1 Review
What Writers Should Learn From Aquaman
By Just Write
On Writing: Exposition, Part 2 - Magic Systems and Worldbuilding [ Avatar l Rowling l Inception l Asimov ]
By Hello Future Me