Directing Openings & Endings

Videos exploring some of the most important moments of a film—the first and last. Learn more about how directors establish character, theme and exposition and decide when it's time to cut to black.
How A Quiet Place Creates Suspense - Opening Scene Breakdown
By Thomas Flight
Spider-Man | How to Film a Climactic Moment
By Films&Stuff
BACK TO THE FUTURE | How to construct an Economic Opening Shot
American Animals - How To Start A Movie
By Browntable
Cinematography in A Clockwork Orange
By John Tindell
Call Me By Your Name, Ending Explained: Don't Cut Away from the Feeling
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Annie Hall (mise en scène) | Film Analysis
By RollingBottleFilms
Framing the Picture: Editing and Cinematography in Whiplash’s Ending
By Matt Marlin
Psycho - Ending Scene
By Natalie Kainz
Love Story without Words - (UP Analysis)
By Nicholas Dobbie
HEREDITARY breakdown of the opening shot
By Collative Learning
Avengers: Endgame | Art of the Finale
By Films&Stuff
Avengers Endgame - How To Waste A Climax
By The Closer Look
Breaking Bad's El Camino: Ending Explained - Jesse's Getaway
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Call Me By Your Name - An Emotional Ending
By Sage's Rain
Castle in the Sky - Introducing Ghibli - What's in an OP?
By Mother's Basement
Film Lighting Explained: Halloween, Opening Scene
By wolfcrow
Framing the Picture: The Long Take and Terror in Children of Men
By FramingthePicture
How ‘A Quiet Place’ Built One Of The Scariest Openings Without Words | 10 Minutes of Perfection
How Jay Roach Directed That Insane Austin Powers Opening
Joker Director Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
How Horror Comes to Life in ‘Hereditary’ | Anatomy of a Scene
By The New York Times
La La Land: Incepting The Dream Ballet Finale | Film Analysis
By Take Me To Your Cinema
No Country For Old Men Ending Explained
By Tom The Critic
Opening Choices- Notorious
By John Gibbs
Opening Movements in Ophuls: Caught (and Madame de…)
By John Gibbs
'Parasite' Director Bong Joon-ho Breaks Down the Opening Scene | Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
SCREENTAKES: Visuals & Action - The Road Warrior
By Screentakes
SHAME ‘Opening Shot’ - Film Analysis
STEVEN SPIELBERG Opening Shots (1971 - 1991)
By Antonios Papantoniou
THE END: In Praise of Credits
By Kirby Ferguson
The Lighthouse: The Real Life Story That Inspired The Movie Explained | The Flannan Isles Mystery
By Heavy Spoilers
'The World's End' | Anatomy of a Scene w/ Director Edgar Wright | The New York Times
By The New York Times
When Movies End Abruptly
By Fandor