Case Studies: How Editing Shapes the Story

Film editing has the power to totally transform the nature, quality and efficacy of a story. Videos highlighting editing at its finest.
One Way To Deconstruct There Will Be Blood — Or Any Movie
By Nerdwriter1
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind | How Editing Shapes a Story
By Film Radar
Satoshi Kon - Editing Space & Time
By Tony Zhou
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM: Mastery of Editing
By Mr Nerdista
Raging Bull – Editing Anger
By Tyler Mowery
Staff Pick
Mel Brooks – How To Edit Comedy
By Jack's Movie Reviews
ROPE: How Alfred Hitchcock Changed Editing Forever
By Mr Nerdista
City of God: Making Scenes Feel Real
By This Guy Edits
‘Requiem’ for an Editor
By Fandor
American Beauty (Part 2) — The Missing 27 Pages
By Lessons from the Screenplay
Framing the Picture: Editing and Cinematography in Whiplash’s Ending
By Matt Marlin
In The Mood For Love - Video Essay
By Alexander Bryan
Rhythm in Film Editing
By John Tindell
The Art of Editing in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
By Max Tohline
The Graduate – Editing a Perspective
By Carlos Rivera Fernandez
Staff Pick
The Matrix: A Lesson in Effective Scene Transitions
By Patrick (H) Willems
SEARCHING | The Editing Of A Thriller
By This Guy Edits
Get Out - The Simplicity of Storytelling (Scene Analysis)
By This Guy Edits
Staff Pick
In the Cut, Part I: Shots in the Dark (Knight)
By Jim Emerson
Staff Pick
In the Cut, Part II: A Dash of Salt
By Jim Emerson
Staff Pick
Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing - A Breakdown
By Thomas Flight
REVENGE: Blunt, Bloody, Pure Cinema (Scene Analysis)
By This Guy Edits
161. Viewing Between the Lines: Hong Sang-soo’s THE DAY HE ARRIVES
By Kevin B. Lee
3 Proven Film Editing Techniques from Star Wars
By StudioBinder
7 Commandments of Film Editing
By This Guy Edits
A Clip from Observations on Film Art: Plotting in VAGABOND
By criterioncollection
Behind the Edit: The Orson Welles Memo
By RocketJump Film School
BIG LITTLE LIES: The Art of Editing | Deep Dive
By Ideas At Play
Constructive Editing in Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket
By David Bordwell
DUNKIRK: Editing the Suspense Snowball
By This Guy Edits
Edgar Wright - How To Edit To The Beat
By konradnoises
Editing an Interview - David Letterman's "My Next Guest" Has a Distracting Problem
By Thomas Flight
Editing Don’t Look Now
By criterioncollection
Editing & Empathy in Big Little Lies
By mzak
Editing the Meta Story (Black Mirror Bandersnatch - Netflix Fight Scene Analysis)
By This Guy Edits
Elliptical Editing in Vagabond - Film Art
By criterioncollection
Fixing The Amazing Spider Man 2
By HiTop Films
Holding Long and Cutting Short: 2 Brilliant Moments in Editing
By CineFix
How Editing Affects The Meaning of a Scene | The Godfather Video Essay
By Good Filmmaking
How John Wick 3's Editor Showcases The Cinematography
By Thomas Flight
How Star Wars was saved in the edit
By RocketJump Film School
How to Edit Music like Scorsese
By Beyond the Frame
How Whiplash Edits Itself
By Film Studies Minor
La La Land: The Value of Storytelling Through Editing
By Kyle Yazzie
“Life of an American Fireman” (1903) Editing Analysis
By Matt Barry
Martin Scorsese's invisible force: Thelma Schoonmaker
By Voordefilm
Nocturnal animals: Bad editing
By Flick Fanatics
Requiem For A Dream: Editing to Music
By Jesse Tribble
Symmetry in Wes Anderson’s Editing
By Max Tohline
The Art of Editing and Suicide Squad
By Folding Ideas
The Rhythm of Editing
By Mindframes
This One Thing Will Make Your Editing Better
By This Guy Edits
Whiplash | Editing Simple Conversation | ScreenCraft
By Cinema Beyond Entertainment
Whiplash's Brilliant Editing - A Breakdown
By This Guy Edits
How Hitchcock Manipulates Editing in THE BIRDS
By Max Goldberg
Man with a Movie Camera
By Tobie