Building Tension & Suspense

From character design to score, find out how filmmakers keep you on the edge of your seat.
Inglourious Basterds — The Elements of Suspense
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See With Your Ears: Spielberg And Sound Design
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Heat Analysis - Structure & Pacing
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Hitchcock Film Techniques (2004) Part 3
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How Doubt Works the Tension in the Room
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How Hitchcock Creates Suspense
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How Tarantino Builds Tension
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Mastering the Film Score: How to Build Suspense
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Tension, Conflict & Suspense! How to create it in a story.
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The Art of THE THING: Creating Grotesque Beauty
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What Makes a Movie Scary?
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Green Room - Sustaining Tension
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WHIPLASH | Victim to a Master Manipulator
1 Brilliant Moment of Tension
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Alien (1979) - Engineering Terror
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Anatomy of Horror - Claustrophobia
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Andy Muschietti on How He Directed IT
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Apprentices of Suspense - Hitchcock's Techniques and Their Influence
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BEWARE! This video is EVIL — How to Build Suspense with Shot Composition
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Blue Ruin and Green Room - The Art of Suspense
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Bong Joon-ho - Suspense in Sound
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David Fincher Explains How He Directed Gone Girl
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Do The Right Thing – Turn Up the Heat
By The Royal Ocean Film Society
DUNKIRK: Editing the Suspense Snowball
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Framing the Picture: Sound and Tension in Boogie Nights’s Drug Deal Sequence
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Gareth Evans - The Pain of Suspense
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How Jordan Peele Builds Suspense in ‘Us’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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How ‘Searching’ Creates Tension | Anatomy of a Scene
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How THE THING Went from Failure to Classic
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Jaws - How Spielberg Creates Tension
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La La Land: Incepting The Dream Ballet Finale | Film Analysis
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Live. Die. Escalate: Raising the Stakes in Edge of Tomorrow
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Quentin Tarantino on How He Directed Inglourious Basterds
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Rope (1948) - Exercise in Mastering Suspense
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The Anatomy of Tension in Film
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The Best Scene in Hereditary
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The Godfather : Video Essay -Louis' Restaurant Scene
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The Narrative Genius of Jaws
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These 3 HITCHCOCK Techniques Are Not Copied Enough
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Whiplash: Changing Expectations
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Brian De Palma - Suspense 
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Heat — Creating The Ultimate Bank Heist Shootout
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The Art of Suspense in Film and TV
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