Building Character Through Props

Often overlooked as functional objects or décor, these videos highlight how much a chair, a car or even a cigarette can reveal about a character.
In Praise of Chairs
By Tony Zhou
Never Just a Car
By Thomas Flight
Staff Pick
The Art of THE BIG LEBOWSKI: The Importance Of A Rug
By Ryan Hollinger
What Do Guns Say About Characters in Movies
By Jack's Movie Reviews
Why Props Matter
By Rishi Kaneria
What Does a Book Say About a Character?
By Fandor
The Cigarette
By Taylor J. Williams
Details | A Video Essay on Winter’s Bone
By Isabella Cuevas Pierson
What’s in the Box? David Fincher’s Fridges
By De Filmkrant
Zodiac: The Unofficial Reading List
By Hint of Film
Atlantis Warfare 'Aquaman' Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]
By Flashback FilmMaking
Bibliophilia - Books in the Films of Wes Anderson
By Beyond the Frame
Building Character Through Props | Director Michael Tyburski on 'The Sound of Silence'
Creating Weapons 'Suicide Squad' Behind The Scenes [+Subtitles]
By Flashback FilmMaking
Director Thomas Barnes on Directing Actors | Part 3: Tactile Qualities
Every Stormtrooper in Star Wars Explained By Lucasfilm | WIRED
Harry Potter and the Musical Secrets of the Marauder's Map
By Sideways
How to Use Props in Films - Picture's Up #1
By Noah Yan
In Defense of Soft Magic Systems
By Hello Future Me
Lady Bird: The Unofficial Reading List
By Hint of Film
Man // Woman // Mirror
By Joost Broeren
Margot Tenenbaum - Anatomy of a Style Icon
By The Take by ScreenPrism
Prop Master and Historian Fact Check Weapons from 'Kill Bill' to 'Troy' | Vanity Fair
By Vanity Fair
Star Wars Defined - The Lightsaber
By Infinity Inc Comics
The Equalizer: How Morality is Achieved
By Mr Nerdista
The Marvel Cinematic Universe: A Video Essay on Motif and Identity
By Vedant Naik
The Secret Meaning of Fluffy Pens in Movies
By Little White Lies
This Prop Master’s Work Is Hidden in Plain Sight
By Great Big Story
Where a Gun Begins
By Larry Erens
Why The Same Fake Cigarettes Are Used In TV and Movies | Movies Insider